Dean’s Statement

I warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences at the Somali National  University.
As the first national teacher training entity in Somalia, the Faculty of Education at SNU has a  long and rich history of service and excellence. Today, we continue that legacy by providing  the educational leadership necessary to rebuild Somalia’s education system.  Investment in quality national education will be the driving force for any sustainable social,  economic and political development in Somalia. Somalia’s recovery, economically & socially,  depends on rebuilding quality education system, which in turn rests on quality teacher  workforce. To this end, teacher education and the future of Somalia are inextricably linked.
We envision ushering in a new era of teacher education that is locally relevant yet globally  competitive.
The Faculty currently offers academic programs at the undergraduate level that are designed  to develop the intellectual, academic and professional capacity of our student. Our pre-  service programs in teacher education combine disciplinary knowledge, pedagogical content  knowledge with practical field experiences in areas such as science and mathematics 3 education, language education, social science education and Islamic studies education

Our mission is to advance teacher status and profession by producing graduates who embody  integrity, leadership and social responsibility as core values; graduates who are committed to  what education enables them to be and not just what it prepares them to do. Our graduates  will become the next generation of schoolteachers, adult educators, counselors, educational  leaders and administrators. We are committed to producing competent, caring and innovative  professionals who can make a positive difference in the education sector and society at large.
We invite you to visit our faculty, explore our programs and various opportunities we have to  offer.

We grantee you will find quality education and a career path that will make a meaningful  difference in your life as well as the Somali nation.
Join us in this noble and influential profession.

Fouzia Warsame


Faculty of Education and Social Sciences