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Brief History of Faculty of Education &
Social Sciences

The Faculty of Education and Social Sciences was known as Lafoole College of Education and
had its beginning with the founding of the National Teacher Education Center in 1963. From

an initial enrolment of 60 students, the College has expanded to enrolments exceeding 1000
students. The original campus buildings have been augmented by several new structures
including additional classrooms, expanded library capacities, and new laboratories.
In the new decade of the 1960’s, the College operated a four-year program of study.

During the 1970’s this program was consolidated into a two-year program to accommodate the increasing demands for trained teachers. In 1983, the program was revised an expanded again into a comprehensive four-year program of study.

At that time, a format of two 16-week semesters was instituted. Also, instituted as part of the new curriculum was an interim session between the fourth and fifth semesters designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop classroom teaching skills through guided practice in public school classrooms.

The Course Catalogue for Lafoole college of Education was developed during workshop held in 1989 under the auspices of the United States Information Agency and the University of Massachusetts, Center for International Education.
Lafoole College of Education (faculty of education and social science) is dedicated to the belief that individualized, facilitative, and socially useful higher education requires a combination of professional and theoretical training balanced with responsible participation in society.

It is the philosophy of the college of education that a college graduate in general and a teacher in particular needs to the broadly educated, as well as be a master of his chosen discipline.